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B2B Data Solutions and Services

When it comes to sales and marketing success, availability of right and accurate data is key to getting things moving. Successful sales and marketing heads vouch that the quality of information a company has about its prospects pretty much decides how far it will get in the race to make the most of the available opportunities. 

Engage48 is a trusted B2B data solutions & services partner to Fortune 1000 companies, growing enterprises, and start-ups. With our comprehensive B2B business data solutions,  data science capabilities, trained data team, we help businesses in smart prospecting and turn data-driven marketing into a strategic advantage. Our highly accurate and verified B2B contact database includes precise firmographics, technographic insights, organograms, account profiles, latest contact information and reliable B2B data lists, which get updated prior to every campaign launch. These contacts are curated and custom-built with enriched data to fuel your next digital marketing campaign.

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Ready Marketing Lists - USA

Order verified ITDM and business buyer list in united states - updated every quarter

Ready Marketing Lists - International

Verified ITDM and business buyer list across APAC, ANZ and EMEA - updated quarterly

Custom Marketing Lists - USA

Get custom, bespoke contact data - with demographics, technographics etc.

Custom Marketing Lists - International

Get custom, bespoke contact data - with demographics, technographics etc.

Who do we work with

Account Based Lead Generation

Target your ideal accounts by using account criteria such as  firmographics, demographics, technographics etc. You can also give us your account list or ask us to create a list of lookalike accounts matching your current account sets

Intent Data

Access prospects who are already displaying purchase intent and actively considering products or solutions similar to yours. Collated from a range of digital sources and our content network, intent data can pinpoint when a target account or prospect is in an active buying journey - enabling informed, timely campaign responses.


As a remote team, we are able to target and acquire your ideal leads from target accounts globally, across industries and functional area. We have worked successfully across Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, ANZ and MENA region

Buying Committee Focus

B2B decisions are rarely made by individuals, there is a buying committee formed to evaluate most purchases. We help you identify entire buying committees and map their role in the decision making process

Wide ITDM & Business Audience Coverage

We have built custom B2B lead data covering CxOs, Investors, Founders, IT and Technology Decision Makers, Finance & Accounts, Marketing & Sales, Operations, HR, Facilities & Admin, Product Management & Engineering, Process & Innovation Managers, Sourcing, Purchase & Supply chain, Manufacturing leaders etc.

Wide Industry Coverage

We have worked across 25+ industry segments including Manufacturing, Consumer products & services, Pharma & Healthcare, Transportation, Aviation & Automotive, IT, ITeS & Telecom, SaaS, Wholesale, Electricals & Electronics, Retail & eCommerce, Oil & Gas, Energy, Fintech & BFSI, SMBs etc.

What Our Clients Say

Marketing Manager, Facility Management Company

We purchased a list of HR and Talent Directors for our Australian campaign with business email and phone numbers - which was a fantastic set of data. They are a pleasure to work with.

Meet The Team


Business Ops

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20+ experience growing startup and enterprise firms. GTM and B2B enthusiast


Content Lead

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Resident B2B story teller. Leading content strategies and client content ops


Customer Success

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Helping clients succeed thru the right lead fulfillment programs.


Campaign Ops

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Leading data operations, lead generation and fulfillment team

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"We contracted them for a content syndication campaign focused on the SMB and mid-market marketing leaders. They delivered the leads with the agreed volume and budget"


Lizzy Funk
Customer Marketing, Marketo

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