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#1 AI B2B Agency for driving pipeline

Do you want to spend time hunting for leads or closing deals with interested prospects?

The Best B2B Leads delivered to your doorstep

Raghu’s team helped us to generate qualified leads for our HRTech SAAS business. After a lot of diligence, we selected their team due the flexibility and knowledge that they displayed throughout our engagement. All the best team, and keep up the good work!

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Manu Khetan
Founder & CEO, RollingArrays

Office Coffee Break

Real Leads from your dream accounts who wants to meet you

Grow 2-3x your pipeline with our GTM playbook + ABM

Our leads are different from traditional MQLs generated by PPC campaigns because they actively engage with you by responding directly to your emails. This is direct intent and far more powerful than a conventional marketing step that hasn't signified any interest in conversation with your team.

If you are still doing the same old traditional marketing tactics, there's news for you


The world has moved on....

The PPC isn't working as it used to be and is very expensive with questionable results

Email marketing responses are minimal with more stringent norms from ESPs

With the AI storm, every function has disrupted and B2B marketing is no different

We work with B2B Founders and Marketing Leaders to help build and expand traction at enterprise and mid-market accounts leveraging AI workflows and human process. Some of the outcomes:

  • Auditing and building the right account list

  • Identifying the right buying committees

  • Building buyer journeys personalized to the buyer

  • Orchestrating conversations and generating interest

  • Booking meetings and demos for your sales team

Benefits working with us:

1. Budget starting from $2000 per month

2. Account based marketing and sales expertise

3. Quick results - within 3 months

Helping leading B2B brands close more deals

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Who we are

We are a passionate crew of B2B marketers following AI's impact in accelerating pipeline. We call ourselves Pipeline Strategists and Pipeline Engineers who learnt and mastered AI stack to transform pipeline generation and acceleration.

Rest assured, we don't rely solely on AI for everything. We recognize that optimal results stem from a blend of human expertise and creativity, amplified by AI and automation for scalable impact. When we harness AI and automation, we prioritize cutting-edge technology that delivers robust and scalable campaigns.


Our sales tech proficiency enables us to uncover hidden prospects in vast data realms and enrich leads through innovative research, giving us capabilities beyond what most teams can achieve.

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Account Based Targeting

Target the right accounts by using a  variety of account criteria such as industry, size and geography filtering, technographics etc. You can also give us your account list or ask us to hunt lookalike accounts

Personalizing Messaging

Do you want your ideal leads to be bombarded with stale templates and chat GPT triggered messages? Our team helps you reach your ideal buyers with highly personalized messaging that’s relevant to their pain points & end business outcomes ensuring that your branding is on point & your product stands out from the crowd

Coverage - Global

As a remote team, we are able to target and acquire your ideal leads from target accounts globally, across industries and functional area. We have set meetings across US, EMEA, APAC, China and ANZ

Buying Committee Focus

B2B decisions are rarely made by individuals, there is a buying committee formed to evaluate most purchases. We help you identify and reach out to entire buying committees to improve sales outcomes within each target account

Multichannel, Multitouch

Engage48 team helps you reach out to your ideal buyers through their preferred communication channels - whether it's email or other channels. Helping your ideal leads to navigate the buying journey with you through effective nurture campaigns resulting in timely and qualified meetings/demos with your sales team.

Wide Industry Coverage

We have worked across audience segments with a wide variety of industry segments: BFSI, CPGR, Life Sciences,  Transportation,  IT & Telecom, Logistics, Manufacturing and more. Able to engage MDs/CxOs/VPs/Directors and Sr Managers

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Thank you for visiting us. We are an AI B2B Agency that drives pipeline for your sales team. We look forward to partnering with you soon.

Thank you! We will revert soon!

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