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You are the founder of a b2b startup or a sales head at a large enterprise. You’re heavily investing in building a killer sales team. You need them to hit the ground running and exceed their sales targets month after month.

Get them meetings with qualified buyers! Set them up for success! We deliver double digit meetings and demos month after month for b2b startups and enterprise sales teams across the globe!

Our Story

As business owners, we appreciate and empathize the challenges of other founders. When you are leading an organization, you have a lot on your plate, it’s easy sometimes to get deep into operations and not have enough time to step back and look at the holistic picture—opportunities of growth, choosing a focus area, strategic planning and more. And while this seems like a 'normal', is that’s what’s keeping you from achieving your business goals? How do you help your sales & marketing teams to achieve more?

At Engage48, our goal is to help founders and sales leaders solve this exact challenge.

Our team bring 20+ years of B2B sales and marketing experience which encompasses building and working at startups, and running sales orgs at mid-market and large enterprise firms. Our forte is to help your sales and marketing teams achieve more through performance marketing programs and targeted lead generation programs.

In order to bring quick mindshare with your target audience, you need the right account based strategy. This helps your teams to focus on the right accounts, build solid relationships with buyer groups and win more.

Examples of projects:

a) Strike partnerships with leading media agencies, business aggregators and enterprise accounts for an ABM software firm, helped the company with several $20k+ deals. Launched ABM program targeted at marketing leaders of mid market software firms and generated Saas subscriptions

b) Helped a YC backed HR-tech company launch their product in the US and EU market. Launched ABM program targeted at HR and Talent leaders in specific industries, generated 30+ demos over 6 months

c) Helped a global pump company map their potential partner and customer universe in Africa and Middle East

d) Helped a fintech company to conduct a market survey on their corporate card offering in the US - Booked 25+ interviews with finance leaders at their target accounts, 100+ survey submissions which gave them tremendous insights on the current offerings, market trends and customer expectations

e) Advised a B2B FMCG sourcing provider on acquiring both global fmcg product buyers and fmcg marketers on to their business match making platform

f) Generated 100+ meetings/demos with CFOs/Treasury/CMOs at leading distribution organizations for a series-B funded fintech SaaS company

Sales Qualified Leads
A sales qualified lead is simply the lead that’s most likely to close.
Sales Lead generation is the stepping stone of the sales cycle.

Let us make it a breakthrough for you!


We specialize in best and Qualified Sales Lead generation practices and provide the ones that will work best for you.

While different companies might have distinct criteria for defining sales qualified leads, marketers and sales reps also seem to have varied opinions on it. Some may have a sales-ready lead, which may be merely an inquiry for others. The discrepancy highlights the fact that just because a user seems to be a right fit for your solution doesn’t necessarily mean that the user is a qualified sales lead.

We know how to recognize a qualified sales lead for you and how to nurture it further.

How Sales Lead Generation works?
For effective sales lead generation, we first analyze your target market, figure out which companies you need to sell to and then implement a custom strategy to engage key decision makers. With our accurate data lists and solid appointment setting expertise, we assure you maximum opportunities and perfectly managed client relationships.


Why choose us?
Extensive experience in performing demand generation campaigns
Guaranteed qualified sales meetings
Event support at multiple levels
Concrete market research that drives revenue

Engage48 can help you generate SQLs including b2b sales appointments, BANT qualified leads and sales ready leads. You can also outsource or supplement your sales development process by hiring remote SDRs from our team. Schedule a call with us to discuss your specific b2b sales and sales development goals and how we can work together.

Account Based Appointment Setting

Target the right accounts by using a  variety of account criteria such as industry, size and geography filtering, technographics etc. You can also give us your account list or ask us to hunt lookalike accounts

Personalizing Messaging

Do you want your ideal leads to be bombarded with stale templates and chat GPT triggered messages? Our team helps you reach your ideal buyers with highly personalized messaging that’s relevant to their pain points & end business outcomes ensuring that your branding is on point & your product stands out from the crowd


As a remote team, we are able to target and acquire your ideal leads from target accounts globally, across industries and functional area. We have worked successfully across Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, ANZ and MENA region

Buying Committee Focus

B2B decisions are rarely made by individuals, there is a buying committee formed to evaluate most purchases. We help you identify and reach out to entire buying committees to improve sales outcomes within each target account

Multichannel, Multitouch

Engage48 team helps you reach out to your ideal buyers through their preferred communication channels - whether it's email, LinkedIn or calling. Helping your ideal leads to navigate the buying journey with you through effective nurture campaigns resulting in timely and qualified meetings/demos with your sales team.

Wide Industry Coverage

We have worked across audience segments with a wide variety of industry segments: Manufacturing, Consumer products & services, Pharma & Healthcare, Transportation, Aviation & Automotive, IT, ITeS & Telecom, SaaS, Wholesale, Electricals & Electronics, eCommerce, Fintech & BFSI, SMBs etc.

Meet The Team


Business Ops

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20+ experience in startups and b2b sales/marketing. GTM and B2B enthusiast


Content Strategist

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Resident B2B story teller. Leading content strategies and client content ops


Customer Success

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Helping clients succeed thru the right lead fulfillment programs.


Campaign Ops

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Leading data operations, lead generation and fulfillment team

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"We contracted them for a content syndication campaign focused on the SMB and mid-market marketing leaders. They delivered the leads with the agreed volume and budget"


Lizzy Funk
Customer Marketing, Marketo

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