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Top Tools for your B2B Demand Generation Stack in 2023

Are you prepared to improve your demand generation strategy instead of just generating leads?

You could spend hours creating a new lead scoring system, debating the most effective KPIs, and enrolling in courses; alternatively, you could locate a demand generation software tool that enables you to work smarter rather than harder. A demand generation strategy must be developed in order to stimulate growth. And the appropriate tools can precisely accomplish that. Today, we'll talk about the best demand generation tools, including the ones we use at Leadfeeder, to get in front of qualified leads.

But first, let's talk about what makes demand generation tools great.

What Makes A Useful Demand Generation Tool?

A great demand generation tool helps you increase your market share, get in touch with relevant leads, and raise brand awareness. However, what distinguishes a good demand generation tool from another outbound platform that no one will use? Look, no one wants to learn how to use a tool that doesn't actually help them accomplish anything.

When compiling this list of the best tools for generating demand, we looked at:

Value: Even the most expensive tools can be useful if they perform as expected. We ensured that the tools on this list are cost-effective.

Features: Is it effective in carrying out its promises? Request age is tied in with driving interest, so you need a device that gives highlights you can't go anyplace else.

Efficacy of Use: Is it simple to use the tool? This includes how easy it is to use and how well it works with other tools like sales tools, analytics software, and CRM.

Some Must-Have B2B Demand Generation Tools

Increasing demand for your product or service is the whole point of demand generation. However, not all demand generation strategies are created equal. If your business is just starting out, you might not have the money to spend a lot of money on paid tools. However, if your business is expanding into new markets, you may require tools to connect with a global audience. Everybody will find something they like on this list, which includes everything from freebies like Optimize to more advanced tools like Pipedrive. Additionally, we'll discuss the kinds of businesses that work best with each of the available demand generation tools.

Leadfeeder: Leadfeeder is a demand generation tool for any size business. It costs: Free arrangement for as long as three days of information; Monthly premium packages start at $79.There is a free trial period of two weeks. Best for any B2B team of any size that wants to know which businesses visit their website.

Leadfeeder is software that helps businesses generate demand by letting them see which companies come to their website even if they don't fill out a form or leave their contact information.

Leadfeeder can show you which businesses visit your website, which pages they view, and even where they came from using IP tracking. Additionally, Leadfeeder has robust filtering, allowing you to quickly identify hot leads. Want to know when a member of your intended audience comes to visit? We can accomplish that regardless of their location, industry, or even size. Their dashboard is really instinctive to utilize, yet we likewise have a definite information base to assist you with sorting out some way to utilize every one of the fancy odds and ends.

LinkedIn's Sales Guide: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a demand generation tool for B2B sales teams. The cost of this tool is: Beginning with a free two-week trial, plans cost $79.99 per month. Best for:B2B teams looking for better ways to connect with leads. LinkedIn's premium demand generation tool is called Sales Navigator. Users can use the advanced search, prioritize and qualify leads in your sales funnel, access an extended network, and see who has viewed your profile. More tools for tracking LinkedIn engagement, creating reports, receiving buyer interest alerts, and integrating with your CRM are included in the higher-tier plans. Sales Navigator is integrated into LinkedIn, making it simple to use and requiring no additional training for most users.

No more, Norbert: Price: Discover email addresses to drive your demand generation strategy50 no cost searches; Monthly fees for paid plans start at $49. Ideal for any business that needs to locate email addresses for potential customers. Viola Norbert Email is one of the most efficient channels for sales and marketing teams, making it one of the best demand generation tools. However, sometimes a PIA is locating the appropriate contact information. Enter Norbert's void. You can find anyone's email address with this straightforward tool. Do you know of someone who would be a great fit for your product but you don't know how to get in touch with them? You can find their email address and even track contacts with leads right in their dashboard with Voila Norbert. To stay organized, you can also make lists and add notes.

Pipedrive: CRM to drive your interest age methodology. Cost: Plans for paid users start at $14.90 per month; There is a free trial available. Ideal for: Teams that increase sales by using demand generation. Best tools for generating demand Pipedrive is a CRM made by sales teams. It also works well with a lot of other tools that you probably already use, making it a good choice for automation in sales and marketing.

Because Pipedrive does so much, it's hard to summarize all of its features in a single sentence. It's basically a CRM that can be used to manage accounts and stores all information in one place. You can view deals and leads, keep track of calls and emails, and sync across multiple platforms to ensure that everyone is always on the same page.

Zapier: Automate your process for generating demand Cost: Free for up to one hundred monthly tasks. The cheapest paid plan is $19.99.Ideal for: anyone wishing to incorporate automation into their demand generation strategy. Best Zapier for growth marketing Zapier powers automation and connects apps. Need to receive an email when another lead messages you? What software connects your sales and email? Zapier allows you to stay on top of your demand generation strategy by connecting more than 4,000 different apps. Utilize Zapier to generate those high-quality leads.

Leadpages: Build growth-inspiring landing pages Cost: Annually billed paid plans start at $37 per month. Free preliminary. Ideal for: Teams that want to scale up the construction and testing of websites, landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars. Leadpages is a powerful demand generation software tool that assists teams in determining what works and what doesn't. You don't need to know any coding to create and test landing pages, pop-up bars, websites, or alert bars with the help of templates. Because it is scalable, Leadpages is ideal for demand generation because you can determine what your audience responds to. Because of its high price, it might not be the best choice for you if you only have a few landing pages. But this is a must-have if you constantly launch new campaigns and test new growth strategies.

Optimize on Google: To encourage growth, test ads, landing pages, and copy. Price: Best Free for: Google Optimize, a demand generation tool, is a good option for smaller teams looking to use A/B testing for demand generation. A/B testing is essential for demand generation. Google's free tool makes it simple to test ads, CTAs, the homepage, the checkout process, and more with A/B and split testing. It is built into Google and easy to use, making it simple to track results. Optimize isn't ideal for larger websites that want to test a lot of changes at once because it limits the number of tests you can run simultaneously (at the time of this review, there were five simultaneous tests).However, the fact that it is free makes it suitable for smaller teams or individuals who only require a few changes to try.

Autopilot, formerly Ortto: Optimize all of your data in one location Cost: Paid plans start at $29 and are billed on a monthly basis. A free trial is available—no CC is required. Ideal for: SaaS companies in rapid expansion who wish to optimize their data in a single location. Ortto's demand generation tool You should be familiar with their customer journey marketing, analytics, and customer data platform features. Growth need not be a guessing game with Ortto. By bringing all of your data together and placing your relationships with customers at the forefront of everything you do, you can eliminate pain points. Ortto's goal includes making long-lasting one-on-one connections as well as discovering useful insights that aid in conversion, engagement, and expansion.

Pardot: Pricing for a SaaS marketing automation platform: Monthly bill of $1,250. Ideal for: users of Salesforce who have a comprehensive marketing toolkit. A screenshot of the Salesforce Pardot home page Pardot is a SaaS marketing automation platform that was developed by Salesforce. In addition to lead management for B2B sales and marketing teams, they provide email automation and targeted email campaigns for email marketing. Pardot aids teams in executing successful demand generation strategies by automating common tasks like creating digital marketing campaigns and tracking customer behaviors.

Wishpond: Pricing for a marketing platform: A meeting is required to discuss pricing for the free trial. Ideal for: a business seeking a marketing platform that is not restricted to a single sector, such as B2B sales, SaaS, etc. Wishpond, a demand generation tool, wants its users to be able to increase sales and reach new customers without breaking the bank. Although they state that their platform is "affordable," they do not specify their pricing online. Their platform not only makes your day-to-day work easier, but they also have a team of marketing professionals on staff if you need to plan a demand generation campaign.

SEMrush: Pricing for On-Page SEO Analytics: Monthly fees for paid plans start at $119. Ideal for: We are big fans of SEMrush, all marketing teams. SEMrush is one of the best marketing tools for Leadfeeder when it comes to website analytics. This tool will help you make strategic decisions based on information for content marketing, search engine optimization, and other marketing efforts. SEMrush shows you how your content is doing overall and how it stacks up against your rivals. This tool is great for social media managers because it also lets you monitor ads and analytics. I couldn't do my part of our larger marketing strategy as a content marketer without SEMrush.

RiteKit: Platform for social media publishing and analyticsPlans cost $65 per month to start. Ideal for:anyone who relies on social media for their livelihood. RiteKit, a demand generation tool, may still be the solution even if you already have a favorite social media publishing platform.On their website, they provide examples of how to use their "RiteBoost" tool with other platforms. You can use your RiteKit package from anywhere on the internet thanks to a clever Chrome extension they offer. Additionally, RiteKit can serve as a single social media management platform.Users can create and schedule posts with their "RiteForge" package, which also suggests the best times, hashtags, and key metrics.

BuzzStream:An all-encompassing outreach platform Cost:Monthly fees for paid plans start at $24. Ideal for:anyone in need of a robust platform for outreach. BuzzStream is a demand generation tool that has the following advantages:

Link building and content promotion in digital PR With the help of the tool, you can build qualified lists in half the time, send better emails on a large scale, and use their data to boost your conversion rate.

Hotjar: Know how users act on your website Price:Monthly fees for plans start at $113.

Ideal for:There is no one I can think of who wouldn't benefit from Hotjar. Hotjar is a demand generation tool. Among its many capabilities is its heat map feature.You can see how users navigate your website, down to the areas they hover over but never click, beyond what Google Analytics can do.For instance, did the majority of visitors to your website hover over the title of your most recent white paper or webinar but not click?That topic might not be appealing to your ideal client, oh my! You can physically see which touchpoints users are stuck on or don't understand by using this data.Improving the customer experience is the focus of marketing, and Hotjar is a good place to start.Numerous useful case studies revolve around Hotjar data.

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