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5 Top Content Formats to Leapfrog your B2B Content Marketing in 2023

Are you looking for novel approaches to enhancing your strategy for B2B content marketing? You have come to the right place. Making content that stands apart from the group is no mean accomplishment nowadays. Brands and marketers need to come up with and implement a content marketing strategy that piques the interest of their ideal customers and keeps them coming back for more of the same. When we are able to demonstrate how our content inspirations are aligned with a robust, actionable, and brand-driven strategy, our team derives value from that.

The advantages of using various content formats are explained. Anyone who enjoys spicy, smoky dishes like Indian, Thai, Mexican, or any other will tell you that you can't get the right amount of heat and flavor without the right mix. Use a variety of different elements and formats to spice up your B2B content marketing strategy and make everyone at the content table salivate. Why? Read on.

It helps you reach more people. While all your guarantees ought to perform well on whatever number of gadgets as could reasonably be expected, a few substance designs are normally fit to be seen on bigger screens like more intricate ebooks. Additionally, certain collateral will increase social media or newsletter engagement. White papers on a monthly prospect or customer email news bulletin, for instance, or a video on social media. It increases brand recognition. Using a vari

ety of formats also contributes to the development of your overall content strategy and increases brand recognition. Your leads and devoted customers benefit from useful information, which they can choose to consume in any format they choose. Therefore, a blog might be just what they need to hear about your new product launch on their way home. They can access the video link during their lunch break if they would rather. The outcome? More people are exposed to your brand, products, and services through the channels they prefer.

Discover: Why B2B marketers are switching away from PDF white papers in favor of a more effective format. By making use of a variety of content formats, you can enhance your messaging and achieve maximum impact. You can use multiple channels to cross-promote your activities, reaffirming your message and creating a sense of cohesion. Additionally, this strategy may enhance the customer experience.

Discover:Discover: Customer support: You were unaware of a component of the customer journey. It establishes thought leadership. As previously stated, not all leads will choose to read a comprehensive guide rather than a succinct case study or product summary, but some will. The best way to demonstrate thought leadership is to give readers the opportunity to delve deeply into your expertise.

To build on the storytelling aspects of your content strategy and demonstrate what took place behind the scenes of your product development or research, why not include a brand video? A video case study or an interview with a key employee might suffice.

Discover: Optimizing your reports for maximum impact by creating and formatting various content formats. The more links to your website from high-quality content, the better. Especially if it contains a natural number of SEO search terms and keywords. You must also take into account where each piece of content fits in your customer or buyer journey.

Therefore, if you have a video explainer that you can link to from your most recent insights blog, highlight it. Promote a great illustration, interactive checklist, quiz, or calculator on your social media platforms and embed it on a trackable landing page.

Discover:Discover: The return on investment and ease of use of interactive formats It enables you to market more content. Why not repurpose a great idea into multiple formats for various audiences and channels if it proves successful or is just being tested? As a result, you can produce more content for marketing and save time and money. In addition, it lets you test various versions and tailor them to specific audiences, which should increase engagement and conversion rates.

It's time to make our spice blend now.

The Most Effective Formats For Content To Enhance Your B2B Marketing Strategy

1. Content created by users or the community of the brand is referred to as user-generated content (UGC). People sharing their stories with their community on a social media platform and using hashtags, for instance, or customers using a product in a real-world situation, which is typically introduced and promoted by the brand. Utilizing UGC has significant advantages. It is a great way to use word-of-mouth marketing and the social proof phenomenon to demonstrate your brand's authenticity and credibility. UGC has been used successfully by B2B brands like Wayfair and Dove in recent years, but it is also an option for B2C brands. For instance, Hootsuite encourages its users to post photos and comments about where they are currently working. The inclusion of the hashtag #IWorkFromHere in the Instagram posts fosters a sense of community and expands their reach. You can probably imagine that some of the photographs are quite impressive. CBRE, a real estate service provider, uses a strategy similar to Adobe's by asking users to submit examples of work created with their software and to share photos of their favorite buildings.

2. Templates that can be downloaded are gold for B2B marketing. Only one out of every odd business can track down a chance to make downloadable layouts that benefit their crowd. A downloadable template, on the other hand, can be a great idea if your leads struggle with organizing particular aspects of their work or home lives and you can offer them something that will save them time or make their lives a little bit easier. Check out HubSpot's excellent collection of spreadsheets, checklists, and other content marketing tools to see how they came up with a neat, gated, but free solution to a customer's problems. The well-targeted efforts of HubSpot will undoubtedly be appreciated by content marketers who have spent countless hours creating a complicated editorial calendar. Read Ritesh Sheombar's blog post on generating qualified leads using mid-gated content if you are unsure whether gating your content is appropriate for your business.

3. Interactive content There are a number of advantages to including interactive content elements in your B2B marketing collateral. It's a great way to put your potential customer in charge of their experience and journey and at the center of the content. They should form a deeper connection with the content and leave a more lasting impression on them if you encourage them to interact with the interactive elements. Additionally, interactive content elements are excellent for providing value to your customers and leads. Some examples of interactive content tools and some suggested applications are provided here.

Interactive tests. These can be included in blogs, landing pages, guides, and brochures. Quizzes can be lighthearted and designed to simply provide the user with entertainment; Find the curry that best suits your personality! And on and on. Or they can focus more on sales to direct a lead toward the service or product that best suits them; Find the content marketing solution that will help you overcome your most pressing issues. Intelligent agendas. An excellent addition to an article's or a guide's end is checklists. For instance, a device that verifies whether the reader has completed each procedure or task.

Animations or videos that are interactive. These content formats not only allow your audience to control their journey, but they are also extremely engaging. They are also excellent for social media promotion and encouraging community sharing. Interactive animations, like an atlas you hover over to see the data findings in a specific country or territory, help customers find the most relevant information and bring graphs to life. Do you need ideas to bring a company report to life? Read our guide to formatting reports for maximum impact and creating reports. Interactive calculators. These save your lead a lot of time because they don't have to figure out how much they would save or make from a particular deal or do their own calculations for a quote. Calculators don't always have to be about money. For instance, fashion retailers encourage customers to enter personal information in order to find the ideal garment and gain valuable insight into their preferences for purchasing. Another good example is how technology companies use calculator features to give free SEO and website analysis in exchange for their email address. Soon, we'll talk about how to use this valuable data. Do you need more concepts and motivation for incorporating these tools into your content? Check out this tutorial on how to make interactive content that gets people talking.

As can be seen, interactive content is a useful tool for attracting, engaging, and converting your target audience. Using interactive elements to gather audience insights. Additionally, it is an excellent content format for gathering data about your leads. After the calculator or quiz has finished working its magic, you might want to consider gating the content or sending the results by email in exchange for the value you provide your potential customer with interactive tools.

In addition, if you use a content creation platform with robust analytics, you will be able to observe how leads are utilizing and interacting with the content and utilize these insights to enhance the user experience and increase conversion rates.

4. Videos, both long and short, are a necessity for busy brands that require constant engagement. If you want to improve your content strategy, here are some video marketing strategies to think about.

Video tutorial or explanation. Suppose your service or product can be difficult to use for the first time, or if you want to make sure your new customers are getting the most out of it. A how-to or explainer video can be extremely helpful in this case.

Video for the brand. A brand video is a great way to convey your company's history, mission, and unique qualities.

Video of the item. This is your opportunity to highlight your products' features and benefits. If your marketing team has the capacity to produce them, these can be effective personalized sales tools. Are you worried about finding the time to write that much content? Learn how to personalize content while scaling in this blog.

Video that is generated by users (UGC). This kind of video is the best way to promote your product while also establishing your credibility, as discussed in our earlier section on UGC.

Video case study. Case study videos, like copy-based ones, are an excellent way to show potential customers the advantages of your product or service. They are especially potent if you can see the product in action or get user feedback firsthand. In order to maximize relatability and impact, it's worth developing a range if you want to appeal to specific groups or audiences. In Torrey Tayenaka's guide to measuring your video marketing efforts, learn how to determine whether your video content is effective.

5. Podcasts and webinars are excellent formats for business-to-business content because they provide information, demonstrate expertise, and entertain your target audience at the same time. During the signup process or when encouraging viewers or listeners to submit questions, they're also a great way to collect vital customer information. There are some marketers who believe that creating these content formats is difficult or takes a lot of time, but this is not the case at all. Frequently, choosing what topics to cover is the most difficult part. If you're not sure what subjects or themes to cover in your broadcasts, talk to your audience and community. What difficulties do they encounter? What topic interest them most? Which expert's knowledge would they profit from?

Instead of just one broadcast, try to produce a regular series of webinars or podcasts. Just like Foleon's excellent podcast series, Perfectly Content, invite special guests, such as colleagues who are experts, and publish them on a hub on your website. Get ready to add some spice to your B2B content marketing strategy! Your content spice mix is ready for you to impress your customers and leads. Keep your audience's needs in mind when adding to your marketing mix, and create and distribute content that addresses their specific wants and needs at each stage of the buyer's journey. Consider the ways in which your target audience consumes content at various times and on various devices. What content formats will enable you to reach a larger audience while still guaranteeing that only the appropriate individuals will notice you? What will captivate, enthrall, educate, and convert these individuals?

It's time to organize your tools and technology once you have your strategy in place and are ready to create appealing marketing materials that resonate. To keep refining and improving that delicious content spice mix, make sure you use a content creation platform that enables you to create content that looks and performs beautifully on all devices, allows for seamless collaboration, and delivers powerful insights into user behaviors.

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