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IT Services Lead Generation Company

Real B2B IT Services business growth is all about:

1. Deal close rate

2. Net new lead acquisition

At Engage48, we specialize in working with B2B IT Services companies. Our B2B lead generation services combine account based marketing processes and cutting edge technology to generate the best placed leads for building your sales pipeline

ABM Content Syndication

Engage48 helps you be in the front of your target buying committees by triple-intent data layer and AI driven ABM marketing campaigns. Our ABM content syndication programs are able to generate MQLs, HQLs and BANT qualified leads for your IT services company

ABM Appointment Setting

Leverage our proven process of scientific email drip campaigns, controlled calling outreach and contextual social outreach to book meetings with buying committees at target accounts that matter to you. Full-funnel ABM appointment setting for your IT services company. 15+ industries, 18+ functional areas and global reach of 48+ countries. 4K+ business appointments booked

ABM Content and SEO

In the highly competitive world of IT services, the surest way to stand out is to be the best. Stop creating One-size, fit-all content and SEO. We work with subject matter experts to help you craft Informative, Engaging, and Persuasive content for your exact buyer personas. 

B2B Data Solutions

When it comes to IT services marketing campaigns, availability of right and accurate data is key. Leading IT services companies use Engage48 data services which include firmographics, technographics organograms, account profiles, latest contact information and reliable B2B data lists

Helping leading IT Services brands close more deals

How Engage48 B2B IT Services Lead Generation Service Works

Our approach to B2B IT Services generation begins with carefully mapping the right accounts to go after through firmographics, technographics and triple layer intent data. We then help you construct the right buyer personas based on the role of the buyer in the decision making process. When executed properly, account based and buying committee approach results in significantly lower customer acquisition costs than nearly every other channel. Here’s how it works.

We begin by interviewing you and your solution experts, learning everything we can about your company and solutions. Our goal is to fully understand where you fit into your industry landscape, the competitive advantages offered by your IT services solution, and why your customers choose you over your competitors. We’ll use this information to create the detailed buyer personas that we use to feed into our lead generation strategy.

Next, depending on the project objective - whether you are looking to generate top of the funnel leads through ABM content syndication or book meetings for your sales team, we combine proven ABM processes and innovative technology to engage with buying committees at your ideal accounts to generate the right leads to you. Each campaign is crafted and optimized keeping your target buyer in mind, resulting in a steady stream of new leads. Wherever we find a gap in persona based content, we offer our top notch ABM content services as well

Case Study: Leading B2B IT Services Company

We began working with a leading Global IT services company in Middle East market. Their goal was to secure meetings with IT buyers for their SAP and Microsoft services focused on BFSI, Public sector, Utilities and Consumer/Retail industries in UAE and Saudi Arabia.


Engage48 team helped the client to map the universe of SAP and Microsoft installed accounts, with pre-set criteria and mapped entire buying committees consisting of senior IT and business stakeholders within target accounts. The multi-channel, ABM campaign resulted 80+ sales conversations, 24 meeting requests in less than 4 months besides bringing valuable first party intent data insights to the table.

If you are ready to growth your B2B IT Services company with our lead generation and appointment setting services, reach out below to schedule a call

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