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Accelerate your pipeline
Engage the Right Accounts and Buyers

Schedule a Demo to see how Engage48 can help your marketing and sales teams engage the right accounts and buying groups therein and realize more revenue

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B2B Marketing teams using Engage48 enjoy:

Optimized Account Targeting

Identify the best accounts to target based on 3-stage intent data, and prioritize the content buying committees are most likely to engage with.

More Sales Opportunities

Understand where accounts are in the sales funnel and tee up marketing qualified accounts for your sales teams to close.

Faster Close Rates

Accelerate accounts through the funnel with dynamic content and outreach curated for their exact stage in the buying cycle.

Advanced Performance Metrics

Get complete visibility into how your target accounts and buying committees are getting mapped and engaged

Target the right buyers, quickly activate campaigns, protect spend, prove ROI, and deliver golden leads to your sales team.

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