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Engage48 B2B Lead Generation Case Studies

Learn about how other organizations leveraged Engage48 to drive top of the funnel leads, MQLs, HQLs and business appointments globally

Our team is drawn from experienced B2B marketing fraternity who worked in sales and marketing for a long time and have often faced tough challenges generating best positioned B2B leads across the funnel so much that we decided to launch a digital lead agency for helping other b2b marketers devise and execute outreach programs which resonates with the B2B buyer.  We bring 20+ years of B2B sales and marketing experience which encompasses building and working at startups, and running sales orgs at mid-market and large enterprise firms.

The Best B2B Leads delivered to your doorstep

We contracted them for a content syndication campaign focused on the SMB and mid-market audience. They delivered the leads with the agreed volume and budget!


Lizzy Funk
Customer Marketing, Marketo

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Making B2B Lead Generation Accessible and Affordable

Engage48 is a full service B2B Digital Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Agency servicing B2B marketers worldwide on their digital lead generation programs

We support business owners, b2b marketing and sales heads in their quest for qualified leads. Whether you are looking to promote your b2b offerings to IT directors, HR heads or CFOs or CMOs or the executive suite you can rely on our targeted lead generation and appointment setting programs to produce the desired outcomes. And on budget!

Some of our offerings:

- Account Based Content Syndication

- BANT leads

- B2B Appointment Setting

- Marketing Qualified Leads

- Webinar lead generation

- LinkedIn marketing and Paid ads

- Hiring Remote SDRs

- Content Marketing

- B2B Data Solutions

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B2B Content Marketing Case Study - MQL Program through B2B Content Syndication

Fortune 500 Marketing Tech Company

Geo – USA, Lead Type – MQLs, Segment – SMB


The client is one of the best marketing automation software companies in the world and named a leader in CRM & Lead Management by Gartner. The company was looking to educate and bring in SMB marketing leaders to its fold through its engagement economy theme

Engage48 built brand awareness for the client by promoting a mix of branded collaterals (white papers, video on-demand and thought leadership content) through in-house and partner content brands to a target audience of SMB buying committees (CMOs, VPs/Director of Marketing) and drove high quality, top-of-funnel leads in USA.

Results – 800+ MQLs, 40+ HQLs, Campaign Duration – 3 months

B2B Appointment Setting Program Case Study

Funded Business Intelligence Startup

Geo – Global, Lead Type – Target Account Activation, Segment – E-commerce, Retail Brands worldwide

The client is a digital commerce analytics SaaS platform that provides competitive intelligence and revenue optimization solutions to consumer brands and ecommerce companies worldwide. The company raised funding and looking to add new logos aggressively and contracted engage48 for an appointment setting program

Engage48 helped the client to map and optimize their ICP and buyer personas globally based on pre-set criteria. We set highly engaging, multi-channel outreach programs leveraging intent data, content personalization and social selling to bring their target buyers to meet with client sales and solutioning team. The company was able to engage with Fortune 2000 retail and eCommerce brands thereby building a fresh $8m+ pipeline.

500+ Top Accounts Activated, 20+ Appointments, 3 months

B2B Data Solutions Case Study - B2B Buyer and Partner Universe Mapping

Leading European Industrial Engineering Firm

Geo – EMEA, Lead Type – Direct Buyer and Dealer Contact Data, Segment – Enterprise/SMB


The company employs over 40000 people worldwide and brings energy efficient technologies that empower smart communities and industries to create healthier and more comfortable climates in our buildings and homes and to supply more food with less waste

The company contracted Engage48 for a customized data services project to acquire buyer data in select Middle East and African markets which are known for unreliable data sources

Engage48 helped the client map buying committees at target direct and potential dealer accounts at select markets in Middle East and African region. The company was able to tap into high potential dealer networks previously not considered by their sales team. Engage48 also delivered highly targeted and qualified enterprise accounts to their tier1 and tier2 dealers which built their sales pipeline significantly

5K+ leads delivered with manual curation, Campaign Duration – 2 months

Meet The Team


Business Ops

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20+ experience in startups and b2b sales/marketing. GTM and B2B enthusiast


Content Strategist

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Resident B2B story teller. Leading content strategies and client content ops


Customer Success

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Helping clients succeed thru the right lead fulfillment programs.


Campaign Ops

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Leading data operations, lead generation and fulfillment team

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We purchased a list of HR and Talent Directors for our Australian campaign with business email and phone numbers - which was a fantastic set of data. They are a pleasure to work with.

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