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B2B Content Writing Services

How does my company stay prominent in the marketplace?

One word: Content.


Whether it's your B2B website content, marketing collateral, sales outreach messages, emails or case studies, it's important to strike the chord with your audience with simple and lucid content to win trust and confidence. 

Our team is drawn from experienced B2B marketing fraternity who worked in sales and marketing for a long time and have often faced content challenges ourselves so much that we decided to get ourselves educated on nuances of writing high quality content which resonates with the B2B buyer.  We bring 20+ years of B2B sales and marketing experience which encompasses building and working at startups, and running sales orgs at mid-market and large enterprise firms.

Our content services are aimed at helping you: 

a) Educate your audience (White papers, e-books, website copy, long form blog content etc.)

b) Generate conversations from your prospective and existing customers (sales copy, email messages, case studies, landing page copy etc.)

Examples of content projects

a) Email copy (9-stage drip campaign across 4 industries) for a global print company focused on UAE and Saudi market

b) White paper and 3 case studies (client interviews, testimonial production, copy and design etc.) for a YC backed HR-tech startup

c) Blog articles, email copy, marketing collateral and white papers for an ABM software firm

d) Email copy (9-stage drip campaign across 4 verticals) for a leading CA firm in UAE

e) Email copy (12-stage drip campaign) for a leading Microsoft partner

Schedule a call with us to discuss your specific content challenges and how we can work together.

Meet The Team


Business Ops

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20+ experience in startups and b2b sales/marketing. GTM and B2B enthusiast


Content Strategist

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Resident B2B story teller. Leading content strategies and client content ops


Customer Success

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Helping clients succeed thru the right lead fulfillment programs.


Campaign Ops

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Leading data operations, lead generation and fulfillment team

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"We contracted them for a content syndication campaign focused on the SMB and mid-market marketing leaders. They delivered the leads with the agreed volume and budget"


Lizzy Funk
Customer Marketing, Marketo

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