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ABM Content and SEO

Stop creating One-size, fit-all content and SEO. Create Informative, Engaging, and  Persuasive content for your exact buyer personas

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Best Content for your Account Based Marketing Programs

High-value content is most often associated within the context of inbound marketing, but it has a key and strategic role in account-based marketing as well. While inbound marketing places the focus on attracting prospects to your company over time, ABM uses content to nurture pre-mapped buying committees at target accounts and speak to their biggest concerns throughout the sales process.


When it comes to the nature of the content itself—independent of who is going to receive it—you’ll want to think about it in three separate categories. These categories relate to the stages in which your prospects or personas are in

Awareness Content

Early in their journey, your potential customers face a particular challenge and are reading and learning about it. At this top of the funnel stage (ToFu), your content goal is to educate them about the issue that your product or service helps address.

By showcasing your leadership and subject-matter-expertise, you can help bring them down the funnel into the consideration stage.

Eg:  Blogs, Whitepapers, Best practices, Infographics, eBooks,  Videos, Podcasts, Direct mails

Consideration Content

Here the buyer has determined they have a problem and exploring solutions. At this stage they may not be looking for the exact type of solution you offer, but they sure are open to considering options.

For prospects in this level, you can provide content that helps them see why your solution is a great resource for solving their problems. You may also want to help buyers see if you aren’t a good fit for solving their needs.

Eg: White papers, One-pager, Case studies, Webinars

Decision Stage Content

Finally, your leads have clearly identified their dilemma, have been informed on the best solutions for them, and are ready to select the provider that will alleviate their pain points. They have reached the bottom of your funnel. At this stage, they are ready to buy. But, they might not be ready to buy from you. Here, you’re developing content that makes sure your product or service is the one they choose.

Eg: Case studies, Battle cards, Free trial, Product demo, Freemium

Understand the “Who” and “What” of Each Account

One of the biggest ABM challenges is putting together content that covers all of the personas covering entire buying committees—which, don’t forget, can swell to twelve or more. 


Effective ABM content requires not only that you identify what types of content each stakeholder is interested in consuming but also where in the buyer’s journey they’ll need to consume it. Content should be delivered to specific personas at specific points in the sales cycle. The top of the funnel is typically filled with broader, more generalized content, but that content should still speak to the specific stakeholder’s concerns and interests as they pertain to your product at that early stage.

How does my company stay prominent in the marketplace?

One word: Content.

Whether it's your B2B website content, marketing collateral, sales outreach messages, emails or case studies, it's important to strike the chord with your audience with simple and lucid content to win trust and confidence. 

Our team is drawn from experienced B2B marketing fraternity who worked in sales and marketing for a long time and have often faced content challenges ourselves so much that we decided to get ourselves educated on nuances of writing high quality content which resonates with the B2B buyer.  We bring 20+ years of B2B sales and marketing experience which encompasses building and working at startups, and running sales orgs at mid-market and large enterprise firms.

Our ABM content and SEO services are aimed at helping you: 

a) Educate your audience (White papers, e-books, website copy, long form blog content etc.)

b) Generate conversations from your prospective and existing customers (sales copy, email messages, case studies, landing page copy etc.)

c) Use SEO as part of your ABM strategy

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