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ABM Appointment Setting

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B2B Appointment Setting

Engage48 appointment setting programs introduce your product offering to the right group of buyers globally. Leverage our proven process of scientific email drip campaigns, controlled calling outreach and contextual social interactions.

Engage48 outbound sales programs uniquely deliver the appointment pipeline, and our team of professionals leverage the right blend of human intelligence and automation tools to make sure that  your outbound is effective. When you take our appointment generation in B2B, you get an entire sales development department guided by industry experts, on-demand data, and powerful technology. This process enables our professionals to optimize open, response, call, connect, and close rates. As a result, your revenue scales up quickly. 

We have a team of data researchers, sales strategists, content writers, and sales development reps. They execute a strategic outbound sales program using leading technology and tools. We don’t just deliver qualified sales appointments, but our approach provides you with prospect data, funnel metrics, and email/phone/social messaging, to name a few things. In other words, you get real-time access to the most important data, such as ​​analytic dashboards, performance metrics, and appointment insights.

Why choose us?
Extensive experience in performing demand generation campaigns
Guaranteed qualified sales meetings
Event support at multiple levels
Concrete market research that drives revenue

Engage48 can help you generate sales qualified leads and BANT qualified leads. You can also outsource or supplement your sales development process by hiring remote SDRs from our team. 

Account Based Appointment Setting

Target the right accounts by using a  variety of account criteria such as industry, size and geography filtering, technographics etc. You can also give us your account list or ask us to hunt lookalike accounts

Personalizing Messaging

Do you want your ideal leads to be bombarded with stale templates and chat GPT triggered messages? Our team helps you reach your ideal buyers with highly personalized messaging that’s relevant to their pain points & end business outcomes ensuring that your branding is on point & your product stands out from the crowd


As a remote team, we are able to target and acquire your ideal leads from target accounts globally, across industries and functional area. We have worked successfully across Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, ANZ and MENA region

Buying Committee Focus

B2B decisions are rarely made by individuals, there is a buying committee formed to evaluate most purchases. We help you identify and reach out to entire buying committees to improve sales outcomes within each target account

Multichannel, Multitouch

Engage48 team helps you reach out to your ideal buyers through their preferred communication channels - whether it's email, LinkedIn or calling. Helping your ideal leads to navigate the buying journey with you through effective nurture campaigns resulting in timely and qualified meetings/demos with your sales team.

Wide Industry Coverage

We have worked across audience segments with a wide variety of industry segments: Manufacturing, Consumer products & services, Pharma & Healthcare, Transportation, Aviation & Automotive, IT, ITeS & Telecom, SaaS, Wholesale, Electricals & Electronics, eCommerce, Fintech & BFSI, SMBs etc.

What Our Clients Say

Sales Director, Leading Cybersecurity firm

Engage48 helped our sales team with relevant and qualified meetings in US market, providing wide coverage in the midmarket and  Fortune 500 accounts. Their personalized prospecting solution has helped us maintain and elevate our sales funne​l to a large extent

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"Engage48 team delivered 100+ sales conversations and meetings with CFO's office, treasury & finance heads across industrial, retail and consumer brands with large distribution network. Stellar results in about 6 months!

Head of Performance Marketing
Leading B2B Fintech Brand

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